Friday, September 22, 2006

Good evening! What you see before you, on your screen, is…dirt. Clean that off. Behind that, what you see is the Official Blog Of Blood, Blade & Thruster Magazine, where we will proudly Capitalize Things which we consider to be Of Great Importance, from Time to Time.

Because it is always a good idea to introduce oneself, I will tell you that my name is Pete Tzinski, and I will leave it up to you, beleagured reader, to figure out whether or not the fine feathered folks at BBT have any idea that I’m on their staff or not. BBT can neither confirm nor deny that this blog will be posted to regularly, and if you think that’s just us being mysterious, then it’s probably best to go on thinking that, instead of the other assumption one might make, such as us being very disorganized and entirely within our right minds (or within our right padded rooms, for that matter).

There will be all sorts of cool stuff happening in this blog, and it’ll be happening on a regular basis. As soon as I/we’ve got the schedule hammered into something that looks schedule-like, I’ll post it for you all to oggle. Until then, just keep an eye on this. Okay? Okay?

Okay…look. If you keep coming back, I’ll tell you a Really Big Secret that you can be assured No One Else Knows. Okay? Does it get any better than that? Even if we can’t confirm or deny that it will involve nudity?