Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Holiday!

We here at BBT Magazine wish you a safe and happy April Fool's Day.

I love you guys!

Here's a picture of Lucien working on BBT's submissions!


Anonymous said...

And he must do that naked?


Pete said...

He can tell if the story is making his hackles rise better if he's not wearing clothes.

You should see the OTHER photos he sends me. It's really rough....

Anonymous said...

what's he got on the wall? I'll ask lucien about that.

Anonymous said...

Is this from that chikldren's book 'The Saddest Chair in Santa's Village?'

bbteditors said...


I told you to stay out of my sock drawer dammit, now come over here and sit on Uncle Lucien's lap while I read you a story.

Pete said...

But I always slide off. You use too much canola oil.

.....and, if I could lock comments on this post, I would totally do so NOW.

ArsGeek said...


I've been a bit busy lately and unable to drop by with any frequency.
So it was with and eager heart and freshly minted teeth (I brush a lot) that I stopped by!

After glancing, just glancing mind you at this blog, I now have to find a way to remove most of a stuffed beaver from my right eye.

Tips? Suggestions? Painkillers?

Pete said...

Well. I could post another picture. Would that help?